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  August 01, 2021
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Heartland Business Services offers credit unions a full service business lending backroom. Our
experienced staff satisfies all NCUA member business lending experience requirements. Our member
business lending services include:

Member Business Lending Policies – Let Heartland help your credit union establish its MBL policies. This is the first step in member business lending.

Training – Heartland offers basic training in member business lending to help your employees understand the requirements and structure of business loans.

Credit Pre-Qualification – Let Heartland pre-qualify your loan offerings, to ensure all required information is obtained and that the credit makes sense.

Business Loan Credit Underwriting – Heartland may complete the credit analysis and underwriting or contract with an approved third party to provide these services.

Credit Recommendation – Heartland provides credit recommendations on all credit offerings. The final credit authority remains with the credit union, however, that decision is much easier to make with the recommendation of the experienced staff of Heartland Business Services.

Business Loan Documentation – Once the loan is approved, Heartland provides the credit union with a complete set of business loan documents.

Credit File Management and Maintenance – Heartland retains a complete credit file for loans serviced by Heartland. We ensure that credit files are kept current with the required information including financial statements, loan covenant compliance, and insurance.

Loan Boarding - All loans serviced by Heartland are maintained on our business lending platform. While the loans are owned by the credit unions, Heartland performs all the loan monitoring.

Billing and Collection Activity – Heartland sends the required billing statement and completes all collection activity.

Loan Payment Processing – Heartland processes loan payments and reconciles with the credit union monthly.

Loan Participations – Heartland coordinates and services loan participations for the credit unions. If you are interested in participating in other credit union's member business loans or have a loan that you would like to participate, Heartland can provide the coordination and servicing.

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