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  August 01, 2021
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MBL Solution


Heartland Business Services’ member business lending solution allows your credit union to quickly, economically and safely offer a full line of business loans to your existing and potential members. Here is how Heartland’s solution works:

Heartland services the loans as if the loans were Heartland’s, but all loans serviced by Heartland remain assets of the credit union. Heartland simply provides its services based on a predetermined fee structure. All interest earned on the loans are earnings of the credit union. All loan advances are funded by the credit union. On a monthly basis, Heartland reconciles all loan payments it receives with the credit union.

Credit unions are responsible for marketing their business loan products and business loan development. After identifying a possible business loan, the credit union gathers the required information and sends the proposal to Heartland. Heartland takes over from there and pre-qualifies, underwrites and gives the credit union a recommendation on the loan. When the credit union approves the loan, Heartland emails the credit union a complete set of business loan documentation to close and fund the loan. Heartland then maintains and services the loan on behalf of the credit union. These services include billing, collection, loan monitoring and following for financial statements, covenant compliance and insurance.

  Credit Union
Loan Program Marketing X  
Loan Origination   X  
Credit Pre-qualification   X  X
Credit Underwriting      X
Loan Documentation      X
Loan Closing   X  X
Loan Funding   X  
Boarding of Loan      X
Payment Billing/Collection/Posting      X
Participation Initiation    X
Training of Credit Union Staff      X


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